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I grew up in the south bay, obtaining top 100 status in USTA boys 14 and 16s in SoCal. In my junior years, I travelled around Asia playing the ITF juniors. I earned a full scholarship to Konkuk University and graduated with a degree in sports science. During my time in college I was able to practice and train with the Davis cup team and get mentored by the head coach for the Davis cup team. I was able to obtain a ranking of top 100 in Korea. I have played numerous Jr. Opens, ITF Juniors, National tournaments, Men’s Opens, and ITF futures. After my time of playing, I worked as a coach in Korea, bringing junior students up to rankings of top 500 in the world. After that, I had an opportunity to work as a hitting partner/assistant coach in an international academy in Taiwan where I was able to train with and coach ATP/WTA/ITF players. I truly enjoy playing the game of tennis as well as teaching the game of tennis. I also view tennis as a school of life. Tennis can teach work ethic, perseverance, patience, humility, etc, everything we need in order to live a successful life.