USPTA PRO for over 25 YEARS 

 I have been teaching tennis to all ages for over 25 years. I was a nationally ranked junior from the time I was 12 thru the age of 18. I played NCAA Division 1 Collegiate Tennis at the University of San Diego. I was Nationally ranked in Singles and Doubles and captained my team to a National Ranking of #12 my senior year. I received numerous accolades over the course of my playing career, including being named an Academic All American as well as my teams MVP in 1990. I also competed in Europe following graduation. 

As an instructor I enjoy the challenge of learning to speak the language of each individual student. Everyone learns in a unique way. It is my goal to fluently speak the “learning language” of every player who walks onto my court, and to use this knowledge to access their full potential. I find using “Danalogies” (analogies by Dan) is one of the best ways to help players understand what can initially seem like an impossible language. Tennis technique and strategy can be confusing. I’m here to help make the ideas easy to grasp, to give my students confidence, and to make the process fun. I love the "game" of tennis and I enjoy sharing my strategic knowledge to teach how to effectively compete at all levels. 

Tennis is an incredible metaphor for life. Not only will you learn about tennis when you work with me, you will learn about yourself. My tennis instruction is tough but fun. The joy is in the journey. When the journey is traveled in the right way, winning and losing become less important. Focus should always be on improvement. Progress not perfection will become your mantra to a more enjoyable and competitive life as a tennis player. 

Instruction Rate: $110.00 per hour, $60.00 per 1/2 hour